Finding That Creative Spark When You Feel Uninspired

Finding That Creative Spark When You Feel Uninspired


Nothing is fixed when it comes to creativity. Some days you may be brimming with ideas. And then there are days when it may feel like the flow is gone. Regardless of what type of work you do, waiting for inspiration to come could get in the way of getting the job done. Sometimes when it comes to finding that seemingly lost creative spark, you have take control and find ways to break through the wall to allow for more ideas to flow in.

Pause and step back. Stop whatever it is that you are doing. There is no use staring into the wall waiting for inspiration to arrive. You have to do something, not do something, or do something else to find it. Taking a breather can be good for your mind and body. Take a few minutes to shift your focus away from whatever it is that got stuck into.

Clear your mind. Take some time to calm and clear your mind. Take a deep breath; go for a stroll, or doing something that soothes your mind and body even for only a few minutes.

Take a nap. Lack of sleep can make you feel more tired. And fatigue could block the creative juices from flowing. Aim for quality sleep. Use break times to take a 20-minute nap just to refresh your mind.

Do something else. Routines are good, but sometimes you need to disrupt them to shake things up a bit. While routine can be essential to productivity, it can be mind-numbing and stifling over time. Temporary or permanent changes in your routine can be disruptive in a good way. It ushers in new experiences. It changes the way you think or view the things you used to do on autopilot.

Find out when you are most productive. Finding out when you are most creative can be helpful. It allows you to schedule your time to work on projects when your creativity is at its peak. If you feel more creative early in the morning, make sure to wake up earlier than usual to give you plenty of time to harness your creativity.

Jot down ideas the moment they pop up. Keep a notebook and pen handy. A lot of great and highly creative ideas appear when you least expect them. Write down your thoughts and do not edit yourself. Make your notebook a record of free-flowing ideas. You might be surprised just how much creative materials or projects you can launch from thoughts that came out of the blue.